Dr. Cowan

Dr. Cowan is the owner of Animal Hospital of Walnut Cove and has been practicing here since 1994. In addition to dogs and cats, she has an interest in reptiles and amphibians. She has been working with exotics since 1986. She is on the board of the Stokes County Animal Shelter, a member of the House Rabbit Society, the Ferret Society, the Exotic Veterinarian Association, and the Amphibian and Reptile Association. She also works with pot belly pigs and has rescued 11 of them. Dr. Cowan is also involved with Animal Rescue of Stokes County and places rescue animals with loving parents. 

Dr. Cowan enjoys working with local youth doing job shadowing and giving seminars for groups and schools. If interested in either program, please call the clinic and we will set it up. She is a member of Walnut Cove Rotary, has served in a variety of roles in Stokes County government, and works with the USDA to perform area pig farm inspections. *Dr. Cowan is fluent in Spanish.*