We offer microchip placement for your pet. Microchips are placed between the shoulder blades and are permanent identification devices. If your pet ends up lost or stolen, veterinary offices and shelters will scan for microchips and if found, can contact the company who will identify the pet and who they belong to. If you have found a lost pet bring them by the office and we will check them for a microchip for no charge to you.

Roadrunner Heartworm Preventive CPP

This product is a once monthly oral medication for the prevention of heartworms, whipworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and flea eggs. The product is ordered through Roadrunner pharmacy and is designed by weight specifically for your pet. You get a whole years supply and it is mailed directly to your house. The cost is very reasonable also.  This product can be given in conjunction with flea and tick preventive such as frontline.

Purina Veterinary Diets

We carry an assorted line of Purina foods designed specifically for certain conditions including; diabetic management, kidney function, gastroenteric, urinary, hypoallergenic diets, and over-weight management diets.  We also carry gentle snacker for a safe treat to give with gastroenteric and hypoallergenic diets. These diets in conjunction with pet owner compliances can really help you pets overall health. Check our links page for more information on Purina and there veterinary diets.

Heska Allergy Test and Vaccines

We offer allergy tests for pets with chronic allergy symptoms.  We collect a blood sample and it is sent to an outside laboratory for testing.  If the test shows high allergic levels the company can manufactory allergy vaccines specific to your pets allergies. The vaccines even come as a liquid given under the tongue.