Clinical Proficiency Exam Preparation


Small Animal Surgery and Anesthesia

Dr. Cowan is now offering tutorial help for Veterinarians preparing for the small animal surgery and anesthesia portion of the Clinical Proficiency Exam(CPE) of the AVMA’s Educational Commission for Foreign Graduates(ECFVG) accreditation program.

We offer the opportunity to perform spay and neuter surgeries for animals that are wards of the county. This allows the candidate to do hands-on surgery and anesthesia in a controlled environment with competent technical assistance, and under the care of a Veterinarian.

While it is never to early to begin preparing for this exam, we recommend that you study as much as possible before your time with us. There is much to cover in a 2 day period and you must be spot on with calculating doses, using instruments, maintaining sterility, and evaluating the patient at all times. You should be cognizant of all the criteria that you must meet, in order to ensure that you will pass with flying colors.

In order to gain the most from your CPE prep with our team, we recommend the following:

  • You must make sure that you are comfortable and able to comprehend English and able to speak the same. If you are trying to master the language, we strongly recommend that you wait a while longer. The practicum is done in the English language, and you must be able to verbalize your procedures.
  • Time your prep time with us so that it is no more than 1 month prior to test time. This will enable you to be fresh and fluid with you procedures.
  • During your time with us, we will not allow spouses, children or pets to accompany you. This is your time to prepare and it is imperative that your focus be on your procedures.
  • You must have in-hand the temporary 60 day Veterinary License. The cost is $150 non-refundable. This form is available for download, (CLICK HERE) fill out and send in fee as instructed on form. If you do not have temporary license on your person, YOU WILL NOT be allowed to continue.
  • Two students will work together during this time period, they will alternate between surgeon and anestesiologist.
  • Please make sure that you are cognizant of proper spay and neuter technique. Make sure that you are able to do transfixing ligature. The point is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Thank you for considering our CPE prep program and remember that our goal is : Pass with flying colors. We will do our best to help you prepare for this portion.


Housing is available, less than 10 minutes from the hospital. If you wish to provide your own meals, there is a kitchen with range and microwave available. We will gladly run you by a grocery store. WIFI is available. Cost is $50 dollars per night. transportation to and from the hospital can be provided for you if you do not have a vehicle. We will also make arrangements to pick you up and return you to the Greensboro Piedmont International Airport if needed. Cost is $75 per trip.

Bedding, towels and amenities(toiletries) are provided.

There is the use of kitchen and dining room.

Cost of program

This is for 2 days, 8-6 Friday, 8-6 Saturday, are devoted to overviews and to Surgery/anesthesia. It is hoped that you are ready to begin. Plan on starting Friday, and Saturday at 8 am and work until 6 pm with lunch break.  You will do surgery and you will be doing anesthesia. If possible and depending on proficiency each surgeon may do more. There will be a trained assistant at all times and I will be hovering during each and every step of preparation and surgery.


Piedmont Triad International Airport, in Greensboro is 45 minutes away from us.
Douglas International Airport, in Charlotte is 2 hours from us.
Raleigh-Durham International Airport is also 2 hours from us

We can make provisions for travel to and from Greensboro Airport.

Items Needed

  • Please make sure to bring scrub top and pants. (for 2 days)
  • Stethoscope
  • Formularies
  • CPE Manual
  • Temporary Veterinary License (Dr. Cowan will have)

*Make sure that you know how to calculate doses of medications, sedatives, pick out endotracheal tubes, know what materials you will need for surgeries, how to set up monitors, how to track surgeries.

*If you are not familiar with the Ohio anesthesia machine, please make sure that you download pictures so that you can idenify the parts.

*Any body art and/or body piercings will be covered. You are to be the professional you aspire to be.

*For more informations please contact Dr. Cowan via email

Looking for CPE Prep for Equine and Bovine/Ruminant here is a link to one in our area and you may be able to work it out to do both prep classes in one trip to Walnut Cove, North Carolina.