Monday:7am – 8pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 7am – 6pm

Friday: 7am-12:30pm

Doctors Hours: 

Dr. Hours by appointment only

Monday: 8am – 8pm
Tuesday – Wednesday: 8am – 6pm
Thursday: 8am – 5pm

We open at 7am for drop offs

We take lunch from: 12:30pm – 2 pm (daily)

Saturday – Sunday: Closed


Don’t forget that you may drop off your pet as early as 7:00 am.


 Surgery: Laser and Traditional

We offer a state of the art CO2 laser surgery suite. This area of the hospital is designed specifically for this task. The CO2 laser offers advantages such as less swelling and less bleeding. This is great for older animals, spays and neuters, and some tumor removals. We also offer advanced surgeries such as: selected orthopedic, eyes, mouth, abdominal, and bladder surgeries. We have specific equipment for surgeries on exotics, birds, fish, rabbits, and reptiles. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before your pet undergoes surgery.

We have heart rate, breathing, and oxygen monitors that we use to monitor your pet’s condition while under anesthesia. We use sterile tools and equipment. Our hospital is very cautious when it comes to our surgeries. We use masks, caps, gowns, gloves, and sterilized equipment to remain as sterile and clean as possible.

 Digital Radiographs

 We have advanced digital x-ray capability which allows for immediate results. It also allows us the ability to zoom and change contrast. This was not present in the older style film x-rays, but is now possible with our digital x-ray machine. We offer printed copies of your pet’s x-ray for your own records.

Examinations and Vaccinations

We provide thorough examinations for health problems and for yearly check-ups. We give vaccinations to your pets for the prevention of various diseases that could endanger their health and lifespan. We want to take your worries away so ask us any questions and tell us of any concerns or changes in your pet.

Laboratory Testing

We offer in-house diagnostic testing with speedy and accurate results. We also have outside laboratories for specific tests such as gland deficiency and drug therapy tests. We have the capability with our advanced blood working equipment to perform a complete blood count and chemistry with electrolytes. We also offer microscopic evaluations of fecal flotations, ear cytology’s, fine needle aspirates, and urinalysis’. We use the snap tests for heartworms, feline leukemia, and parvo for quick and accurate results.


We cater to your pets needs with careful monitoring and with any fluids (intravenously or under the skin) and any medication your pet may need during their recovery. We have a great staff that is quick and knowledgeable from years of experience to deal with emergencies and complications to help your babies to the best of our abilities. Some patients receive physical therapy to recover from injuries and surgeries. We have an isolation ward to help contain infectious diseases.


We offer teeth cleanings for our patients. The pet is under anesthesia while the teeth are scaled. Tartar and plaque is removed with our dental tools. Any loose or infected teeth are removed during this time.

Exotics and Wildlife

We work with small animals such as: hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders. We also work with reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds. We offer wellness check-ups and any health issues that you may notice. If you have recently adopted an exotic pet and you aren’t sure how to properly take care of it, we will give you some helpful tips and information.

We also work with injured wildlife. If you find an injured wildlife animal, you can call or bring it by the hospital. We will provide an initial exam and medical care before contacting a wildlife rehabilitation provider to work with the animal so it may be released back into the wild.

House Calls and at Home Euthanasia’s

Dr. Cowan and staff are available for house calls and at home euthanasia by appointment. Having to euthanasia your beloved pet is a very hard situation. Our goal is to make it less stressful for you by going to your house. If you wish to cremate your loved one, the crematory will pick them up or we will transport them for you back to the hospital.

Day and Overnight Boarding

82boarding here is almost like home

We offer boarding accommodations for a variety of sizes and species. There are runs for our dogs that have plenty of room even for the larger breeds. For our dogs we also have outdoor runs and a large play area for them to get some sunshine and fresh air. We have kennels for our cats, ferrets, hamster, rabbits, birds and reptiles. Our staff frequently checks your babies making sure they have plenty of water and have clean bedding and are feed to the owner specifications.

Requirements for Boarding:

  • All vaccines must be current and up to date.
  • Must be free of intestinal parasites.
  • Protected against fleas and ticks.

Also nail trims, ear cleaning, and baths upon request can be done for a small additional cost.

Animals on daily medications or treatments will be done at an additional cost.